Thank you for visiting my profile site.  I am a life-long Massachusetts resident, with 30+ years of professional experience, primarily in the Public Accounting Profession.  Over the course of those 30+ years, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing private companies, not-for-profit organizations, and a vibrant network of other professionals.

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I have created this site to be a convenient way to learn more about me, my skills and provide a downloadable resume.  If we are acquainted, I hope this site gives you a little more insight into my professional skills and background.  If we have not met, I encourage you to send me an email via the contact page, or better yet, give me a call.  I always enjoy a good conversation, and during that conversation we may find interests and needs that create an opportunity to work together.

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Partner - BlumShapiro


BlumShapiro is New England’s largest regional accounting firm, with over 450 employees, and 6 offices in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  My focus at BlumShapiro is working with emerging companies in the Massachusetts Technology and Life Science Industries, and serving as an Audit Partner for a diverse set of not-for-profit clients.  My dual background in audit & accounting, as well as taxation, allows me to assist these clients with the myriad of issues and challenges they face on a daily basis.  I am fortunate to have exciting projects to work on every day that challenge me to stay current with US, multi-state, and international tax issues as well as navigating current financial reporting standards and practices for not-for profits.

Partner - Friedman Suvalle & Salomon


As a partner at Freidman Suvalle and Salomon I had the privilege to work with dynamic, growing private companies by helping them plan and execute successful growth plans as well as providing guidance on a multitude of tax, financial reporting, and operational issues.  There is a saying that CPAs are the most trusted business advisor to businesses and their owners.  This position gave me an opportunity to be that trusted advisor and play a role in the success of a broad range of businesses. It was a tremendously rewarding experience.  I am grateful that these extraordinary businesses transitioned with me to BlumShapiro.

Principal - Katz Nannis & Solomon

8+ yrs

My time at Katz Nannis & Solomon concentrated on the emerging business market in the greater Boston area.  During my 8+ years in this market, I was fortunate to experience the thrilling pace of startups and emerging businesses.  This work meant seeing the evolution of disruptive products and technology in software, hardware, mobile apps, life sciences and medical devices first hand.  The range of services required by these companies is unique, from stock compensation guidance and complicated revenue recognition systems, to tax credits, international operations, and equity financings. Boston is truly a unique economic ecosystem, and I feel very fortunate to work with entrepreneurs and investors who power this vital part of our economy.

Chief Financial Officer - Bearak Reports

3+ yrs

They say you cannot truly understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes.  I can appreciate the truth of that statement after spending time as a CFO for a private technology company.  As a member of the C Suite Team at Bearak Reports, I experienced the excitement of formulating product and financial strategy, forming strategic alliances, and designing and implementing best practice financial, accounting and operational practices.  This position clarified the critical importance of well-informed decision making based on timely and relevant data that is also presented in a clear and concise way.  Reviewing and acting on financial information is just the tip of the iceberg for a senior member of a management team.  The unsung work is in designing, implementing, and monitoring effective and efficient systems as a company grows and maintains strong operations.  The experience I had as a CFO greatly informed my ability to advise future clients in my other positions.  It is something I would highly recommend to all CPAs interested in giving the best advice possible.

Additonal Information

please visit the download page for a copy of my full resume


Suffolk University, BSBA, Cum Laude


I obtained my bachelors degree while employed full time in my first accounting job back in 1984.  Although balancing work by day and classes by night was an enormous challenge, the ability to relate what I was learning in the classroom to what I was seeing at work was very exciting.  Anyone who has worked to put themselves through school can relate to that special feeling of accomplishement, something to this day I am very proud of.

Certified Public Accountant

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

I received Massachusetts CPA license number 12179 on November 4, 1988, one of the proudest days of my life.  I can still picture hundreds of us sitting in the old style school chairs in the Worcester Armory, back when they offered the test twice a year over 2 1/2 days.  I remember I didn’t enjoy waiting for the scores to come in the mail though, that was nerve racking!

Certified Fraud Examiner

National Jurisdiction

In response to a wave of high profile public company frauds, there were changes made to the rules governing financial statement audits.  Auditors were suddenly required, for the first time, to address the risk the financial statements they were auditing were fraudulent.  It seemed to me at the time that auditors needed additional knowledge, skills and experience to take on this new responsibility.  This led to my studying for the Certified Fraud Examiner exam to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to serve my clients better.  Fraud detection is a fascinating field, and this knowledge is invaluable to my career as a CPA because I am able to have discussions and provide advice to clients in a way that was not possible before this certification.  Given the seemingly never ending stream of fraud headlines this skill is invaluable and the need isn’t going away any time soon.

Certified Financial Planner

National Juisidiction

I discovered early in my career that a business owner’s first phone call when facing a question about a financial matter,  investment, or other business issue was often to me, the CPA.  The questions typically sounded like this:  “I was talking to someone who recommended investing in such and such, what do you think”.  Generally, CPAs have a working knowledge of investments, insurance products, and other financial topics, but it became clear that proper evaluation of financial transactions and products meant I needed more in-depth knowledge of investment and personal financial planning.  My recommendations to clients, especially if I needed to provide a “second opinion” to compare against another financial professional, needed to be backed by training and experience.  The most prestigious and well-recognized way to do this was a financial planning certification. My CFP credential is another invaluable tool for working with clients.


These are some of the skills I have developed while pursuing personal interests

Graphic Design
Adobe Creative Suite
Social Media
Video Training
White Papers


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I’ve had the privilege of working with Ed for the last four years at Vaxess. As a CEO, I want a tax partner who can work independently to deliver not only the basics of tax support, but also creative approaches to helping us minimize our long term tax obligations. Ed has been the perfect partner through this process and is one of only two service providers that we have used since the company’s founding in 2012, further highlighting his exceptional performance.

Michael Schrader, Co-Founder and CEO, Vaxess Tecnologies

Ed has served as our tax advisor for three years at Cocoon. Ed stands out. He is strategic, pragmatic, focused, efficient and an absolute joy to work with. I would recommend him highly to any early-stage or mid-size company seeking tax and financial services.

Ailis Tweed-Kent M.D., Founder and CEO, Cocoon Biotech

Ed has been a trusted advisor and invaluable resource to our company for over 20 years. With his guidance and support we have established strong financial systems and practices that have enabled us to accelerate our growth and become a leader in our industry.

Steven Bearak, CEO, IdentityForce

Ed provides exceptional technical knowledge to complicated issues. He is also a true business partner that understands the needs of the business and organization.

Lora Loyall, Vice President of Finance, Janeiro Digital

Ed took the time to understand our business lines and goals, helping us to define practical practices while still keeping reasonable controls and GAAP reporting in mind.

Theresa Peterson, Senior Controller, America’s Test Kitchen

Ed Leary is creative and not what you expect on the surface – in a good way. I have known Ed since 2012 as we have both volunteered for The Venture Forum in a variety of roles. Ed has demonstrated critical thinking, an ability to keep things grounded in logic, organizational focus, the ability to multi-task and a flair for marketing and photography which I did not expect. I have enjoyed my time working with Ed.

Joe Vignaly, Chairman, The Venture Forum

I have worked with Ed for approximately 10 years with two different organizations. I have found him to be extremely professional yet approachable making him an excellent partner for any organization as both an auditor and an advisor. His expertise in nonprofit accounting runs deep making him an excellent knowledge base for his clients. He is also willing to research any topic on behalf of his clients and report back his findings which is immensely helpful.

June Carlsen, Director of Operations, Be The Change, Inc.

Ed has work with our organization for many years. Ed has a significant depth of understanding regarding accounting regulations and procedures. He is consistently well informed regarding new regulations and their implementation. Further, we deeply appreciate his ability to present very complicated financial statements and returns in a comprehensive yet easy to understand manner. We are pleased to have Ed Leary as our lead auditor.

Donna Poole, Finance Director, Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association

Ed Leary has been​ providing auditing services to our organization, Local Enterprise Assistance Fund (LEAF), for about fourteen years. As Executive Director of the organization I have been interacting with Ed and his team for about eight years.

One aspect that has always impressed me about Ed’s work is how well planned his audits are. He provides detailed guidance of what will be needed well in advance so that when the audit is being done everything flows smoothly. I dreaded audits until I met Ed.

The other point that I wish to highlight is that Ed always makes himself available to advise us throughout the year on a number of business issues. As a Community Development Financial Institution we have accounting questions that are particular to our industry and he is very thorough providing accurate answers. If we want to know how the purchase of a property will impact our financial statements he is ready to assist. If we wish to brainstorm about how we can better develop one of our lines of activity he is there. This willingness to go the extra mile is something we value a lot and lead us to consider his firm not only a trusted service provider but an actual partner.

Gerardo Espinoza, Executive Director, Local Enterprise Assistance Fund

Edward Leary has been Emmanuel Music’s auditor for as long as I’ve been with the organization, over 10 years. I continue to be impressed with his diligence, his flexibility, and his knowledge. I can always contact him with questions concerning auditing standards and laws that may have an impact on our operations. In addition to interacting with Emmanuel Music staff, Ed has developed a collaborative relationship with board leadership. The individualized service he gives us, a relatively small non-profit, and his willingness to work around our budget constraints, are deeply appreciated. Emmanuel Music is well-served by Ed and his team, and we are confident placing our trust in him.

Pat Krol, Executive Director, Emmanuel Muisc

When I was stuck and unable to advance my Massachusetts Film Incentive application, Ed Leary stepped in to save the day. He took on extra duty, to get me submitted and reviewed. I can’t fully put in words how much this meant to me, as a first-time applicant to the program. There is a saying in the movies business— that you’re “in good hands” with a cinematographer, editor, production designer, or other key collaborator who fully steps up to advance the vision of a project. I can only say that I was in good hands with Ed Leary—and felt enormously grateful for his professionalism, flexibility, and solid work at each step of the process.

Jay Craven, Kingdom County Productions


Edward Leary

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